Creating organic shape in grasshopper and rhino

I am relatively new to rhino and grasshopper but have knowledge about 3d objects from some years in blender. I need to create an organic shape that looks something like the pictures at the bottom (Especially the first one and also that last one). It is very important to me that it is tileable and 3d. I found some tutorials, but it’s never something that really looks how I want it to. I thought about creating it somehow with a physics plugin like kangoroo but I don’t know how. Also the repeating, tileable method would be hard there. I also thought about not even using grasshopper but creating that stylie with a subsurf. But It might not be the same.

I wanted to ask, if someone knows how to create such a pattern, and what way you would approach it. Do you have a tutorial or a script you could share with me ? Maybe also a website where part of it gets explained and I can read myself into it. Or maybe you could give me a rough node setup and I go step for step through it to understand it. I would be very grateful. And I would appreciate it alot. Thanks in advance!



Someone already asked something quite similar today: Building Porous Foam structure using grasshopper - #4 by seghierkhaled

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