Tree Structure - Grasshopper?


I am looking to do this: grasshopper tutorial | making trees | rhino | architutors - YouTube

But I want to draw the curves myself. I have zero Grasshopper skills at the moment.

Could someone setup a file for me such that I can draw all the curves (with branching) and then use grasshopper to control the tapers of the piping (the more control the better)? I am assuming there isn’t many steps since I will be drawing out the curves by hand.

I am happy to send some cash via venmo/paypal etc:) I realize this sounds a little rude in such a helpful forum, but it will probably take longer to help me than to do it:)

If this isn’t the right place for this, any suggestions for that?


Hi Mike -

That might be so but the issue will be to somehow find the “correct” diameter at points along the branches.

Since a tree is an organic shape, you might as well create this as a SubD object - that’ll be easier to manually modify after baking to Rhino if that is required.

The attached is a very basic example and rather dumb - the size of the points is merely based on the elevation above the ground and decreases as the elevation is larger… Might be something to start from…

I’m sure there are other (better) examples that are posted here on the forum but searching for “tree” and “branch” will pretty much hit any thread here…

Tree from (11.5 KB)

Hi Wim,

Logged in today and saw that I missed this. I found the only way to achieve what I was after was to draw individual curves and run pipe command and add multiple radius to each curve independently. Thank you for your work. It wouldn’t get me what I need, but I did say i would pay for help. Let me know if you would like some money venmo’d.