Can Grasshoper be used as a Bongo replacement?


I ask this provocative question since VfR next will not support advanced rendering per Bongo (GI caching, motion blur).

My little hope is that Bongo could provide better data for render plugin use and maybe Chaosgroup will fully work with Bongo.

I don’t know Grasshopper and so maybe I misunderstood the situation and Grashoper can be used for object animations like Bongo?

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Hi Micha,

I was wondering the same question; especially since I find bongo a little cumbersome.
I managed to “frankenstein” different plugins together and it worked the one time I needed it. the GH definition moved the camera on a path, issued a new render through GRay/ VrayfGH,
As for motion blur … I don’t know.

Currently I am traveling and will have access to my files next week –

A GH based animation “suite” would be killer!!

Animating walkthroughs with complex camera paths will be possible in V-Ray Next for Rhino via the new V-Ray Timeline Grasshopper component.
This will be so good! Any word on VRayCloud Support?

Looks like it will be possible:

its a hack but it works:

cam control through flounder cam
render trigger through G-Ray
Vray renderinger through Vray for Grasshopper
false start toggle from ladybug?( sorry forgot to remove it) (461.4 KB)

hopefully this will get a lot better with the next release of vray :wink:

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here without “false start toggle” (459.5 KB)