Can Clayoo snap when extrude?

Rhino Gumbal have feature Snappy Gumbal.
Do we have this feature when use Clayoo Gumbal?

Reference video:


From your video I think the snappy option is not doing what you think. Check this video:

If your purpose is to extrude a face of Clayoo, you can use either the hotkey for Extrude command or clicking ALT+move gumball as it is explained here

Hope this helps!

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Hi @mpcarlos87
I watch your screenshot. Because It’s a line and gumball is located in center.
If you relocate gumball, you can get other result:


About Clayoo plugin
They have yellow arrow is normal direction. I think it is great idea.
But Everytime I use active clayoo they will automatic turn off Rhino Gumball.


Yes, If you want to work with Clayoo Gumball and Rhino Gumball I recommend you to turn on/off Clayoo depending on what you want. I don’t recommend using both when Clayoo is on.