Clayooo Gumball

I want to try clayoo plugin for rhino.
clayoo gumball is not appeared in rhinoceros 5 and 6 !
but this feature is working in Rhinogold and Matrix perfectly.

I think there is a problem in my rhino.
please help me

Can you help me?

Hi Tube,

Sorry for the late reply.
It seems that in your RhinoGold screenshot you have Clayoo turned on, but not in your Rhino screenshot. May you try running _ClayEdit?
It makes no sense to be a problem error, due to either Matrix and RhinoGold are using the Rhino viewport, and it’s working there.

Let me know if it helps you out, or still happening.


Thank you for your reply
I tried _ClayEdit and noting happened!

Can you run any other command? Or anything is working.

All commands is working.

So everything is working fine, but the toolbar on viewport is not being displayed?

Yes there is no gumball clayoo

May you send an email to, so we can connect remotely to your computer to check what’s happening?


I had sent an email to you but i received no answer!

Hi Tube,
We haven’t received your email to support, send me an email directly to