Can anyone help me with this texture

As a topic, im doing a model with is similar to this image and i want to add same texture as image.


Please read this first and pay special notice to point 2 and 7.

thanks anyway, im sorry for Be succinct but clear in your wording but English is not my mother language. I will try my best to make it more clear and one more thing is I don’t want anyone to make it for me but I want someone to suggest what is the best way to do it. <3

The forum is not part of the grammar police and as long as we are able to understand you, the grammer couldn’t matter less, so don’t worry on that part. (I’m pretty darn sure that my english isn’t perfect either)
It’s more connected to the fact that your question is rather large and not focused on a specific issue you have on your grasshopper definition.

About the best way, i can guarantee you that there are multiple ways to achieve it and it is up for discussion which one is the best way.

Perhaps a start for it, could be to create a planar surface, subdivide the surface and then oscillate the surface subdivision points to create the “wavy” surface.
For the actual texture, i don’t have any idea at the moment.

It must be the same shape as the main structure something like sin(u)*sin(v) where uv are texture coordinates