How do I add patterns/texture/facade to surface Grasshopper?

Hey guys, I am trying to add a texture of circles or pretty much anything highlighted in green, I simply don’t know how to do it. What should I do?

Thank you.


  1. Show what you want to achieve
  2. Post your file so someone who’s willing to spend time to help you does not have to rebuild a similar situation from scratch.
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TESTER 1.3dm (32.6 KB)
TESTER (12.8 KB)

Maybe something like this:

Have you been able to create such a pattern on a rectangular surface?

I don’t see any circles?

that is just examples of any pattern, I pretty much want anything instead of just flat

I have manage to create texture on a curved surface but not a flat face of a geometry

The reason I’m asking is because it mapping a pattern to a irregular surface like yours is quite a different task than mapping a pattern to a rectangular surface…

Check this: Patterned surface building - #3 by Normand (20.2 KB)

That is perfect!! Thank you for that!

Rotated boxes instead of circles: (21.7 KB)

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That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much for your help buddy!

Just a quick hack. You’ll find that it’s more complicated, especially trying to get your “texture” examples. For one thing, to avoid overlap, the number of divisions (UV points) on each surface must change to use the same size circles/boxes. Or the size of circles/boxes must change. These are not what I would consider “textures”. Have fun and good luck.

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