Texture for thesis

Please help me if you can send me the code for this. Its so important thank you so much

This topic might help…

thank you and i have to put surface to see what happen ?

if someone has another things and code

TriangularPerf.gh (16.6 KB)

how can i do with this surface
Superfici dove aplicare texture.3dm (522.1 KB)

can you give me the code for this surface thank you so much

Did you try it? Where do you think the logical place to add your surface would be?

yeah i try and it doesn’t work can you help me, i send the file if you want, or anyone or someone else can help me

Something like this?

vaze.gh (22.9 KB)

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Yeahhh try with mi surface

You could try ShapeMap plugin. It is very powerful.
I reused ShapeMap example and @jonahhawk script to make the pattern

ShapeMap 0.72 sample Traingle Perf.gh (408.1 KB)

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Can you help me, you can download my surface

Are you joking ?
Did you try to download the plugin ShapeMap ?
Did you try the script ?

Yeah but I’m not good, so if you want to help me I will be so happy but if you don’t have time don’t worry

It will be very difficult to find someone here to do your work for you.

If you are willing to pay to have someone do your work, then that would be a better approach.