Can a rhino creation be taken into 3dsmax for flight and other sim use?

Thinking of making models for a flight sim, its modellers use 3dsmax. Rhino doesnt have a 3dsmax export doing a quick search on this forum, obj was mentioned.
If I model in 3dm then export as obj will this be ok or will the recipient who no doubt gets to vet contributions and even the sim itself have problems compared to if he modelled the same item from the start in 3dsmax ?

Am I right in saying 3dsmax is popular for sims, does anyone manage to contribute using Rhino ?

What about Rhino into SpaceClaim,though I havent Spaceclaim which is a lot of expense just to assist a flight sim, I see natively it doesnt but have an export to 3ds plugin though its not cheap at $250


3dsMax can import just about anything, but for this I’d guess they’ll want meshes.

Talk to the sims people. I’m sure they’ll tell you what they want

I suspect it would be very similar to creating assets for games ie.
High poly mesh to create normal map for detail that is then baked to the low poly mesh.
Even baking lightmaps to speed up the render time in the simulation engine.

I wouldn’t go buying any file format transfer software just yet. I doubt you’ll need it.


I would suggest the FBX format would be a good place to start.

In regards to the plug-in that you refer to, .3ds is 3D Studio format, .max is 3D Studio Max format.

There are trial versions available for almost anything so you really need to ’ experiment’ to work out a favorable workflow for intended use.