Modelling in Rhino then transferring object into Blender for polycount critical sim work

Hi, V5

Asked to make some objects for a flight sim, as I use Rhino, I see obj is a way to get Rhino into Blender, I then need to ensure the poly count is within object creation limits of the sim. Would the fact that it came from Rhino deny such simplifying in places ?
Can I in fact create in Rhino and keep the poly count to that limit before export ?

Would Rhino as a start point in fact introduce unseen gremlins and issues in the sim ?

What is best method here, any tutorials on this anywhere ?



I’d create the model, then tweak custom mesh settings, use extractrendermesh, then PolygonCount. Tweak and re-extract until within limits, then export those render meshes as obj. Of course if you need to retopo then you can do that in Blender, but since you are creating a rigid shapr that most likely won’t have any organic animation applied to it you probably can do it all just in Rhino.

Hi @Steve1

Why not Mesh, trying to get the numbers in the right ballpark and then ReduceMesh to hit the exact amount of polygons allowed by the sim software?

HTH, Jakob