Does anyone have an idea for how to create a camouflage pattern? I am hoping to create a series of closed interlocking curves with a visibly random or camouflage pattern I am not really sure how to get started, as I am a novice at grasshopper.
something like the attached image, minus the colors and with closed curves as boundaries of each colored section would be great.

If I have a preexisting set of closed, interlocking curves does that make things easier? I get that there are a few operations that would allow me to deform the curves, but is there anything that would allow me to make them appear random so as to generate a larger group of curves that doesn’t repeat?

Any thoughts?


These links might help:

Perhaps this too:

To me looks like you have a background color covered by a large areas covered by medium areas covered by small areas (and so on)
So, in my idea, you can create a series of closed random curves one stack over the others.

I changed the category to grasshopper instead of Rhino for windows.

Not quite, some of the shapes appear to be overlapping each other, ie. in different regions different shapes are on top. This makes it a whole lot harder, but of course it could be that particular property is not needed.

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Ideally, there would be large formations of smaller shapes. as well as smaller shapes between and intersecting those larger formations.

You might get somewhere with metaballs and semi-randomly placed points for individual “blobs”. I tried playing around with it a little, but didn’t quite get it. Points need to be random, but in a pattern too… (11.2 KB)

The way skysurfer described it is how I believe it is normally printed on textiles. One base color, then color passes for the 3 additional colors. I would take that approach with the geometry (z values for layering), otherwise you’ll break your brain… :slight_smile:

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did you get anywhere with this?

a long time ago i was playing around with the idea, not sure how far i got.

anyway, here is a link to a site that may give some inspiration

he’s got the source to the php script on there.