Camera > Animation Rendering only 1 image

Hi all !
Rhino is not new for me, but to render with it is new for me. And with that the problem comes. I feel quite embaressed. I try to render a camera, linked to a path. Which works fine in the viewport. But what ever I try to render all 300 frames, it just renders the first frame and then nothing more.

Some informations.
I`m using Cycles renderer
Camera is linked to a path.
Folder is set to save all frames
Format HD 1920x1080

Ive used many programs in the last 2 decades like 3DS Max etc… But newer had such problems to render a animation. I guess that I am completely dumb but I`ve tried now the whole day to get that running. With no result.

No idea?
I`ve followed the instructions. And many variations og draft animations rendering in different viewport settings like > pen, artistic, arctic etc… are working and I can render them. but no chance with the raytraced, cycles renderer.
Is there on specific thing that need to be activated to render alle frames instead of only one ?

Hi @Christoph_Martin ,

The process should be to use the SetPathAnimation command setting the capture method to Raytraced. Use the PlayAnimation command to preview it and finally run the RecordAnimation command to set the sample count for each frame. This is working here in Rhino 7 so post a simple test case if you are still having trouble and I’ll take a look.

Also make sure you’re on the latest service release of v7. If memory serves, it was around the 7.17 SR when some extra control was added here like samples per frame to make it work.