Animation lags - Vray and Rhino path animation

I have a problem with flythrough animation render.
I created camera path curve - set up animation. In rhino preview everything looks ok.
But when rendering each frame in vray, every X(from 12 to 16) frames there are 4 frames without change (camera stopped moving).
I cant figure what is wrong - some settings or something.

My rendering steps are:

  1. I set GI to IR+LC and check “use camera path”
  2. Render and save IR and LC for entire animation and save it.
  3. Set IR + LC caching to “from file” and start rendering.

Please help, i am new to animation.

Any suggestions?

Hi, @pavol.pastorcak

Is that in Rhino 5 or 6?
Rhino 5 has no animation API, and V-Ray use several tricks to detect the camera motion. Which may be the reason

Hi, it is Rhino 5.14.