Rhino animation and cycles

trying to render an animation of a scene with mirrors in cycles. It’s a path animation, these are my settings:


it renders and show right in the viewport, but the saved .jpg don’t render the mirror properly, it looks like in rendered mode, e.g. mirror only reflecting the ground plane.
Is there a setting I’m missing?
Thank you in advance

The Animation Tools are not yet adapted to work with realtime display integrations. Here is the YouTrack item for it: RH-49274.

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll need an external/plugin renderer for raytracing then.

Rhino Render is a simple raytraced rendering tool. Others include Flamingo, Vray, Brazil, and others. Have a look at the Animation and Rendering section of the Resources page for a more complete list.
The “Raytraced” display in V6 is a Cycles based “real time” renderer.

Having some problems with any tipe of Rhino animation. It was working fine but now every “rendered image” of the animation is just blank. I’ve tried both with the command or the buttons but it doesn’t work. When hitting play to show the animation it shows nothing and, after recording, all the frames are blank. All the settings are correct, idk what to do…

post your settings?

Thank you for your quick response!Here go my settings and the result of the animation