Rhino 7 for sale

Hi. Firstly, forgive me if this is the not the correct place to post this. I have never been on a forum, let alone a forum for Rhino 7.

My husband passed away. I am closing down our business because without him there isn’t really a business.

​​​​​​​He bought Rhino 7 in Nov 2022. I want to sell the license. I emailed Rhino and they said I am allowed to do so. But I don’t know where to advertise it. Please can someone help me.

It looks like you’re in South Africa.
Assuming you purchased the commercial license from our European offices in Barcelona, please contact the Sales office there for details.


Hi John. Yes, I did contact them. They sent me a Transfer of License document. I just don’t know where I can advertise it to sell it.

Here is fine.
Anywhere you want really.

I’m sorry for your loss.

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Hi Sonika I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing well despite the circumstances
I was google searching for licenses and came across your post here. Is this available still? I am a designer looking to start my firm in Massachusetts USA as I reestablish my design coming from photo.

@chrisfoley.design on instagram for verification. www.chrisfoley.design is my site that is currently under construction.

Hi Chris

Thank you for your email.

Yes, this is available.

I have the Transfer of Rhino License form.

The price is $450.

Kindest regards

that is a very fair price… almost too fair but ok.

from february to August i worked at a company and got them to buy Rhino. due to lack of business i am no longer working there, so the licence now also is not being used. i dont think they care much but just in case somebody wants an extra licence i could try to communicate it.

My husband passed away. I am closing the business. And I need the income.

i understood, sorry about that, i just meant you could increase the price a bit, but that is up to you.

Yes, who knows why… :slight_smile:

Hi. I don’t understand your comment

anybody out in the market for a licence would be happy to get one for 25% off or whatever.
the quoted price ist more than 50% off when i am not mistaken.

i mean the price was dropped already so going back is certainly not fair to the person interested already. i am basically just writing for future cases.

Guys and girls. This doesn’t really concern you if you are not interested in buying the product. If it was so sought after then it would have been bought by now.

My husband died very unexpectedly. If you had read the entire thread you would have known this. All I want is to sell this and use the money for other things.

Please just be kind.

again very sorry, i guess it was misunderstood. yes i read the topic entirely and it seems you already have a buyer?

Hi Chris. Just to let you know that the software was sold today. Kindest regards, Sonika