Buying a laptop?

Hi Guys,

I wanna buy a laptop for mostly using rhino + grasshopper and doing kangaroo simulations and stuff.
My budget limit will be 1750€, so I have some lenovo products in mind.
In general for me a 16inch display is important…
So maybe someone has a recommandation on Lenovo Products?

There are some models I’m currently thinking about…

So what would be your choice, or are there any other good options in this price range?


Hi @marcusb1409 ,

I’ve used custom laptops, Lenovo , and others.

Recently I went with a newer brand called Maingear that I have been really happy with.

The price point to specs is unmatched in the research that I did.

I also like that they have non flashy minimal design and don’t looks like gaming laptops cough cough Alienware.

Now I’m in the US so I’m not sure about availability in Europe.

But may be worth looking into?

I have the Vector Pro 2 17" w/ 64gb of RAM and the RTX 3080 and so far it’s been much more performant compared to my previous, comparibly spec’d Lenovo.

Hi Michael,

thanks for your answers, the products of maingear look great.
I’ll check it out if its possible to order for the company I’m working or if its problematic to ship over the ocean to europe, and stuff…

but thanks for the tip
greets Marc

“Slim” on a laptop with a dedicated GPU, will cause lots of thermal problems = noise. Do not underestimate this if you plan to work with such a system all day. I don’t know about Lenovo laptops in particular, but if you can, go to a local store and see if you can test a laptop under load.

I have bought a MSI creator 17" beginning of `23.

pretty happy with it. main reason was max. gpu ram and big screen.

They have current models with 16" screen that should fit your budget.
Note that the Creator 16" series has 2560x1600 displays, which I believe is a better choice for a mobile workstation than HD.

the only downside is cooling (like in 99% of notebooks…) when heavy on rendering.
and that when you want to upgrade components, you need to be a repair-pro.

I added second ssd and upgraded ram from 32 to 64 Gb and basically had to completely disassemble the thing.
But it was fun and it worked out :sweat_smile:

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Oh and I forgot to mention, as others have pointed out thermal dissipation is poor in notebooks. Previous MSIs I had could cook eggs on the sound bar hahah.

I actually quite like the thermals on the Maingear model but I always have a Cooler Master fan pad underneath it to lift it up and promote additional airflow.

I’m a bit abusive to my hardware and have left it on under moderate GPU load for days on end in 110 degree weather (garage) and not had any issues.

I bring it to job sites frequently (think lots of saw dust and drywall dust) and it’s survived well.

Not promoting treating it that way but just saying I’ve been happy with it thermal wise but the fan pad definitely helps and is slim enough to pack it all into a standard backpack with the laptop, fan pad, and external mobile monitor all together.

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thanks for the answer!