Button to Open the "Select Color Window" (showing custom Color List)

I’m looking for a way to create a custom toolbar button that will open the properties “Select Color Window” (showing the custom Color List). Is this possible in Rhino 7?

Hello - I do not see how to do that and force the color list - you can force the color picker but not specifically the list - it will open as is was last used.

! _-Properties _Pause _Object _Color _Object _ColorPicker


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Thank you Sir, that is perfect!

Pascal, is there a way to “END” the macro (and possibly close the window) once the color has been selected from the “Custom Color List” ?

yep -

! _-Properties _Pause _Object _Color _Object _ColorPicker _EnterEnd

Add _SelNone onto the end as well to deselect the object and see the new color.



Exactly what we needed. Thank you again Pascal!