Toolbars for display&print colour / colour picker suggestion

assigning colour to objects by the properties window is slow, are there any pre built toolbars with a set of standard rgb colours to do this?
I don’t think there are any shipping with rhino.

I used to do my own but it is tedious for many colours.

An alternative would be a better colour picker. a custom one where the user can store pallets of colours. so the command would only go to “object” and the final assignement happens by the picker, so no toolbar needed.


Hi Daniel - it is a bit clunky but you can add your own custom colors to the current color picker. This file:


is what determines the colors in the Rhino color picker list. I agree this all could work better… but for now, you can edit this list to taste, keeping to this format:



or just the r,g,b is OK too.


There is this too:

ColorPicker_x64.rhp (362.5 KB)

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but maybe it might be a nice change.


Hi Pascal,
Hi Dan,

thanks for these tips.
editing the .txt is not a bad idea, would be up for that, my problem is more that the picker requires to scroll up and down to show the preset colours. the “office” picker is not so bad in that respect, as it show many colours on the first look.

this is one I built for setting layer colour… now if I need object colour too, it needs a lot of editing.

would be pretty cool if we could create toolbars with grasshopper :wink:


setLayerColour.rui (40.8 KB)

just came across this, adding it to the thread here for completion, might be helpful