Wish: object colors toolbar


is there an object color toolbar? Or do I have to create my own?

Wish: A color toolbar for assigning colors (and a color picker/copier) would be nice.



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Hi Michael.

Here’s mine from when I did laser cutting by color - it just has the basic colors we used, you can add as necessary. One click on the main button brings up the color picker, but if you hold the button down, the pick color list pops up, just move the mouse over the color you want and select.

Note the buttons also have a right-click function that changes the color all of the objects of the same color(s) that you selected to the new color. This was handy for us for when for example, coming from Mac Rhino all of the red objects were not really 255,0,0, but something like 251,2,7, so with one click you could fix the whole file.

Use as you like, add modify, whatever…

Cheers, --Mitch

Export.rui (41.8 KB)


Hi Mitch,

thanks a lot.



PS: Still wondering, why this is not standard in the default toolbar.

Hi Michael - that might make sense, I’ll see about adding that - FWIW, I put essentially this in the context menus:



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Hi @pascal,

today I’ve got again a request about this.



Hi Michael,
have you tried the collection of colorswatch toolbars on food4rhino?
I use them in version 5,6 and 7, can’t imagine Rhino without it tbh.

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