Button names on copied toolbars

I’ve been making new toolbars and saving them in a .rui file to transfer to other computers. The functionality of the buttons copies just fine, but I’m getting weird names on the right-click tooltips.

Many of the buttons have no right mouse button command. On these buttons I’ve left the right mouse tooltip blank. However, when I load these tools on another computer with the .rui file, the “blank” tooltips create names for themselves like "Stones.Macro 1396 - Copy - Copy 01 - Copy "

How do I get buttons with no right mouse command to load without these extra tooltips?

I see the same problem. Some of them, when used several times grew into ridiculous half-screen long tooltips of Macro xx Macro xx… for empty RMB fields.

Hi Mike - can you please give me a blow-by-blow of the steps to repeat this?



OK, So I’ve got a toolbar that someone else built for me. Many of the buttons are macros that were copied and edited instead of written new each time. I load the .rui in the Rhino Options>Toolbar. The buttons without right-click commands have crazy tooltips.

I shift-right click on the button to edit and delete the right mouse button tooltip. (nothing is in the Command: field) It looks good on this pc, so I go to Rhino Options>Toolbar and saveas the rui with a new filename.

I take the .rui file to a new computer. I open Rhino and reset the toolbars to default just to make sure nothing is lingering from an old install.

I open the new .rui and while the buttons I just fixed don’t have the extra tooltips anymore, other buttons I didn’t touch now have them.

Hi Mike- can you post or send me the rui file?

I PM’d the rui file.

Thanks for taking a look at this! :+1:

So, just for others watching - @Jarek - Mike’s toolbar had piles of duplicated toolbars and macros with copy-copy-copy etc. He’s going to pare it down in Workspace editor 'till it’s got just what he wants and we’ll see if it all behaves as expected then…


thx for the update Pascal, I will follow to see what happens. It is not out of questions that my ruis are not the cleanest but the copy-copy-copy proliferation definitely gets out of control…
I have to admit since the change from tb to ruis I did not fully grasp how all of it works, but on a basic level Rhino auto-created a bit of a mess with the RMB-copy-copy for icons with RMB unassigned. Curious what you guys find out and hope I can implement the fix…


Late to the party here, but this also happens to me, and I do think it’s related to copying buttons…

Here’s what I understand from Pascal’s answer. If you copy a button with a right tooltip, it makes a copy of each macro to go along with it. The macros are stored elsewhere in the .rui file. The button text is not the actual name of the macro. You can find them in the Macro Editor or the Workspace Editor in Tools>Options>Toolbars>Tools

To get rid of the weird “Copy - copy - copy” tooltips, you have to go into the Workspace Editor, find the button/macro, and remove the right-click macro entirely. Otherwise it comes in as a blank macro and Rhino auto-generates a name for it.

I could be wrong on this, but that’s how I understood it. Maybe @pascal could jump in on this and explain it better.

Well, i\f you import toolbars that have the same macros as exist already in your toolbar file, the macros start proliferating with 00, 01 on the names - that seemed to be pretty rampant in the rui you sent. I have not been able to make the ‘copy-copy-copy’ thing happen, yet.

I get stuff like this:

(Copied from another toolbar I think)

Also stuff like this:

or this

Same here:

I have a lot of these. If I clean it up and resave the .rui file, they just end up re-appearing. My guess was that the only real way to fix this is to delete the buttons and make new ones. It’s on my to-do list.