Toolbar button magic tooltip

I have this sample toolbar:
BlaBla.rui (19.9 KB)

The second button shows a right-button-tooltip that was NOT entered:

When I edit the button and remove the tooltip, then it is ok at a first view.
Until I quit Rhino and restarted it.
Then the tooltip text magically reappears.

What the tooltip says is different.
Sometimes a text like what is seen in the picture.
Sometimes Macro02.

I have seen this in Rhino 6.
And consider it as a bug.

I thought, hmm, let’s use V5 to make the toolbar.
But the same error is in V5.

What can I do to finally get rid of the phantom tooltip?
I need an error-free toolbar for distribution.


Hi Charles - that button has a macro assigned to the rmb… ‘Show all commands’ I removed that macro here.
BlaBla.rui (17.0 KB)


Thank you Pascal.
How did you do that?

Hi Charles - I opened the RUI in the magic ‘WorkSpace Editor’


That’s tricky.
Thanks again.