Button for property update component

When will it be available a input button to update property Gh component?
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Hi @fn_a,

Why do you need an input button if you already have the buton implemented in the component?


Hi @alfmelbev,
because It is necessary for implement into Human UI or Gh Player.
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Yes it’s a nice feature to create clean script (every button grouped in one place), custom UI (Human UI) or to command the component via other component (for example a custom script that send a true value when some condtion are OK).

I have the same issue with “set one building” that can not be “externalised”


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Hi @flavien.bessiere,

What do you mean by “set one building”? We don’t have any component with this name. What do you need?

If what you need is baking a building with a button, you can do it with the bake component you will find in the Grasshopper definition attached:

VisualARQ-Bake.gh (11.2 KB)

I mean the ability to reference in GH an existing building in a Rhino/VA project and extract it’s data (e.g. levels).

As it can be done with other object type with the VisualARQ Pipeline for example.

With the update propeprty component, these are the only 2 components that need GH interaction when using an UI.

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Hi @flavien.bessiere we have included the “Building” entity in the VisualARQ Pipeline component in VisualARQ 3.
We might move this “building entity” to a different Pipeline component in the final version.

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