Diminishing textures on surface

Hey everyone, I have a question about texturing on a curved surface. I don’t have the most experience with Grasshopper, but I’ve been able to come up with my own code based off of a string of Youtube videos.

Basically what I’m looking to do is to use my pattern, and try and smooth the surface transition so that the bump vanishes into 0. Currently I just have the pattern set to a standard height of 0.1 in the Z direction, but I was wondering if I could vary that height along a curve in grasshopper without cutting it, or using cage-edit in rhino.
Maybe there’s a much easier way to get a similar result without using my code as well, which would be valuable.

Attached I have my rhino file, gh. file, and some images.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Surface_Morph_Attractors_Loft_Diminish.gh (20.8 KB) Hex_Pattern_Attractor_Loft_Diminish.3dm (11.5 MB)

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