Bullzip and Bluebeam PDF render some blank pages unless all layouts are blank

As described in the title, we’ve been having this issue for some time w/ Rhino v6 and now v7. It’s particularly cumbersome w/ sets bigger than 10 pages since the only solution is to click every single layout tab before running “Print”. I currently use Bullzip, but this was an issue occurred w/ Bluebeam PDF as well. I have not tried RhinoPDF, but would prefer for this to be fixed so it works with Bullzip since that’s what we have set up.

Just want to clarify something here since the title on this topic isn’t clear. “Bullzip and Bluebeam PDF render some blank pages (that have content on them) UNLESS all layouts are clicked (one by one)”. This is an especially tedious process for bigger sets of drawings, and I have no idea what causes this, or why suddenly all pages in a set published when you’ve clicked on them. Either way, it’s something we’ve been dealing with for several months, and it’s pretty annoying from time to time.

Please try the latest 7.9 release candidate. Some fixes were recently made that may have affected this.

Thanks Steve, we’ll give it a try and see if it’s working next time we publish. Will come back if there is/isn’t an issue.