SubD Grasshopper panelizing

So i’ve been practicing subD and following tutorials on youtube recreated some of then i want to take this a step further by panelizing the subD
i’ve followed this tutorial SUBD - Rhino 7 Tutorials For Beginners - Bjarke Ingels Group - YouTube
got images of the real project so i can panelize it like they did.
as you can see in the model image i dont have much problems in the blue lines but what i need to adjust are the red ones. to be more straight.

i’ve tried to convert it into nurbs and add it to grasshopper but i get distorted subdivide or distorted patterns using lunchbox
i think i’ve always had troubles in adding patterns or panelizing shapes like this.

I’m not sure why anyone would use SubD’s for this. It’s just two cylinders intersected by rotated planes, and then a loft between the resulting ellipses.

(I wrote the code for generating the so-called “finger print facade” for this project, and several other that implement this concept, so probably can’t really comment on that part)


Thank you for replying
can you ellaborate more on the form creation with
the cylinders ?

Thanks for the hint, I really didn’t even need this image from ten seconds into the video:

Cool shape! (15.1 KB)

P.S. I cut a corner in haste in version ‘a’ above, not sorting/filtering the results from SrfSplit. This made the model difficult to use when I tried to maximize the slope of the lofted surface, top and bottom. So I added sorting in the yellow group, making it much easier to use. (17.5 KB)

The next step, of course, would be to take as inputs the desired angles at top and bottom of the lofted surface… :thinking:

Contours - how will this shed water… (17.9 KB)

Sorry about the drip, drip, drip. Added Iso Curves to the lofted surface, ‘U’ = cyan, ‘V’ = yellow: (28.6 KB)