Build a surface on a 3d surface frame?

hi everyone, i have a problem with surfaces
i made some pictures from the target an hope you guys can help me
i think the pictures say everythink about my problem.

i try a lot but cant do this

thanks a lot

Play with these commands:


Well neither of those are going to work (not well anyway) without changing the edges.

The only command for making some sort of surface though an arbitrary boundary like that is Patch, which is probaby fine here but it’s like, what is the rest of this model about? It seems like a shape that should be trimmed out of a larger surface, part of an overall form instead of trying to fill in edges.

Yep, edges would need to be split.

Personally I’d do it similar to how you suggest, build an oversize surface (probably with a wobbly rectangle and edgesrf it) and trim it to the desired outline.

1.5.pdf(313.5 KB)

hi thanks vor the answer i do the surface with grasshopper as a straight wall and then i transform it … maybe i can fill it with grasshopper bevor i transform ???

the surface frame i like to fill is a glaspanel, one of 100

Can you send 1 glass panel as 3dm so I can play with it to figure it out? :slight_smile:

Voronoi Strukture and Frame.3dm(11.3 MB) Voronoi Strukture and Frame.3dm(11.3 MB)

sure! thanks ! i hope you can fix the problem
i upload the same data twice, sorry !
in the data you find the hole struktur, then the frame and the frame example ( the glass panel )

select your panel, dupborder, delete the line you dont want because it creates 2. One on top other on bottom. Select your line then patch it with settings:

On the right the result. is this what you were looking for?

PS you can also do both side without removing the first curve and select one. Patch. select other one. Patch

If I were you I would copy Voronoi Structure to a place. Explode it. Select the big frame. Dupborder. Then click the curves and patch them 1 by 1 or create a macro for it. Select your created surfaces and move them back in the originial Voronoi Structure and done :slight_smile:

yes, thats is great, so the next question ist how to do this in grasshopper, but thats a other story :slight_smile:
thank you very much jordy1989 !