Hello, how to create a surface?

Hello, how to create a surface like voronoy ?

draw the edges you see as curves, connect them properly, and use the edgesrf tool to surface them

thank you very much )

Sorry I don’t have enough experience to choose the right tool. Most likely, your recommendation will be more understandable for an experienced GH user . Nevertheless, thank you for responding .

@samsuserrrr Have you done any modeling in Rhino or is this your first time attempt to use Rhino?

Are you trying to create the surface directly in Rhino or do you want to use Grasshopper?

@samsuserrrr from the screenshot it looks like the model is made in 3ds max? u can follow this step:

  1. Extract every edge in Editable poly with ‘CreateShapeFromSelection’ under graphite modelling tool. make sure u turn OFF Subdivision. It will become Spline objects. then Export to Dwg Format

  2. Import Dwg Format in Rhino and select all edges then type ‘CurveThroughPolyline’ on the command line
    with settings as below
    Degree = 2
    Delete Input = Yes

  3. Now to create Nurbs surface, select 3 enclosed Curves and type ‘EdgeSrf’ on the command line and hit enter.

  4. Done. you should get the same result with the original image file.

I’m a newbie, thank you

thank you , I’ll try again to do it myself

hello, I think first of all; you have to draw a simple plane and then rebuild it with as many points as you’re going to need; points on to see the control points (F10 of writing points on in the command bar), and then you can use the softmove tool via points for couple of times with kind of different falloff & radius - settings actually - and then you can rebuild it to lower the number of control points so that your surface is kind of softer & points off (F11 or Esc).
And then you’re done!!

Another method is using grasshopper. you can just plug in these simple component to get the exact result. Input curve is only a rectangle.

Use Voronoi and Catenary components to automate the process.

Cheers, Runnie

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Thank you ))