Strange layer properties since update

WIP has just updated and there’s some kind of strange layer/properties thing going on.

I’ve restarted and tried again:

not sure what’s going on there.


HI Andy - if you change the properties page from Material to Object (rainbow bagel) when an object is selected, does it stay there for subsequent selections?


I can’t select it…

Hi Andy - Ah, OK I see that you are, maybe, clicking on those icons in Properties, is that it? and they do nothing? In the second bit, the object layer is not showing correctly in the Properties page. Is that all so far?

(None of that happens here, so far… we should put out a WIP this evening, if all goes well, I guess the first thing is to grab that as soon as it’s available and see if that is any better)


Hi Pascal,

Yeah that’s it. It’s intermittent but a bit of odd behaviour.

I’ll keep an eye out for the update.



I’m not sure if you received the crash report? I attached the file too.

The same issues seems to be cropping up with scaling for detail views too. What was 1:10 reads as 0 and is now not working.

I’m having the same ( I think) behavior here. If I select an object then the Properties are mostly blank. If I click on the layer or color or linetype drop downs everything goes back to normal with all the fields showing.