Bug: view change not registered in undo-cue within detail-view / ctrl+Z not working either (replace detail)


I have had this experience many times: double click into a detail view, accidentally make a view change and undo-view won’t work saying “no view to undo”. Then when I exit the detail view, ctrl-Z “replace Detail” won’t restore the previous view within the detail either.

as a consequence sometimes it is very time intensive to restore the view manually… like axo views having line elements drawn over in layout space etc…

I am aware there is lock detail and restore saved views, but I’d hope undoing a view change would work reliably asides these “workarounds”



Hi Daniel - UndoView does work in a detail in general, but you are seeing it fail sometimes, is that correct, or does it never work in a detail for you?


It does work. But not always (as described, states “no view to undo”), and sometimes it actually goes back to a previous view, but the pan is off, so to say. so it restores the angle, but not the correct pan position.