BUG: undo on layer material change does not refresh viewport

Performing an undo on a change to the properties of a material assigned to a layer does not correctly update the rendered viewport display. To reproduce, do the following:

  • Create a new document
  • create an object like a box
  • set the display mode of a viewport to rendered view
  • click the material icon next to the layer name
  • change the color of the default plaster material to red
  • click ok
  • click the layer’s material icon again
  • change the color again to blue
  • click OK
  • Undo

The material definition will have reverted to red correctly, but the object will still display as blue and the layer material preview icon will also still show the wrong color.

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Thanks, I see that.


I committed a fix for this last week. It should appear in SR9 on August 28th.

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