Material Color reverts to dark grey

When I want to change a material’s color (say to green, for example), I click “OK” and the color changes to dark grey, every time. Repeating the process results in applying the correct color, but it’s an annoying little bug.

(6.0.17311.8431, 11/7/2017)
Windows 10 Pro
AMD Firepro W7100

Hi Brent - that is ugly, but I cannot reproduce it so far… Your display mode is default Randered, correct?


Hi Pascal,

I’m using a copy of the previous default Rendered display mode. I just
tested it with the new V6 default Rendered and the error still occurs.

Hi Brent - hm…it looks like your process here is to select/clock on the layer material swatch, change the color and exit that material editor, correct? Does it work to change the object material (i.e. material set to Object and not Layer)


Correct - I was trying to change the layer material color when the bug

Setting material to object behaves as expected (no bug there).

And if you set the Object’s color to “By Layer”…?

When I try to change the color of a layer material, and that object is set
to “By Layer” the bug occurs.

If it’s helpful i could link to a video on youtube showing the problem…

A video isn’t very helpful.
We believe you.

We need a file and instructions to get it to happen here.
If we can, it may be a problem in the file.
If we can’t, it’s related to something unique to your setup.

  1. Open Test.3dm (see attached).
  2. Click on layer material
  3. Click color swatch
  4. Change to Red
  5. Click OK
  6. Click OK

Part is shown as being dark grey. If I repeat 2 through 6, the part turns
he correct color. I have a backup computer running the same version of the
software, and the error is exactly the same. It’s a slightly older AMD
video card.

TEST.3dm (69.2 KB)

It’s red as expected here.
I’m using the default Rendered display mode:

In your Rendered display mode, is your Color & material usage set to “Rendering material”?

Yes it is.

You mentioned running an AMD display adapter.

Let’s try something…
In Rhino Options > Advanced, use “hardware” as filter.
Set the “…UseHardwareDriver” to False.
Close and restart Rhino.

Now does it work?
If so, are there updated drivers for your AMD display adapter?

Be sure to turn the driver back on in Advanced

Thanks John,

The problem is still present. I even restarted rhino and double-checked
the UseHardwareDriver was set to false.

Too weird.
Be sure to turn the driver back on.
Are your drivers current?

On the Options > View > OpenGL page, is using GPU tessellation on (default)?

I just updated my graphics driver to the most recent AMD release. Problem
is still there.

Yes, GPU tessellation is on and drivers are current.

I’ve assigned this to Steve Baer. He’s one of the developers that’s working on the display pipeline stuff. Hopefully he’ll have an idea or other things to try to get it figured out.

What specific model is your AMD adapter?

Firepro W7100

It’s also occuring on my backup computer, which has a Firepro W7000

I think @jeff has contacts at AMD if he can reproduce the problem.