Problem with printing trimmed pictures

When I print a trimmed picture from the Model space with vector output selected, I get a mask overlaid on images that were trimmed with a circle or a curve. There are no issues with pictures that were trimmed using a rectangle.

If I print from Layouts view, the problem occurs not only in vector printing mode but also in raster.

I found the ticket RH-34639 seems to deal with this problem. But it is marked as Obsolete, even though the problem persists.

I also tested different image formats, but the issue seems to affect all of them.

Those look like mesh facet edges.
If you go into File > Settings > Mesh, tighten up the mesh settings with Smooth & slower, or a Custom setting that fits curves more accurately.

Does that improve the trim?

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Thank you, John. Unfortunately, changing mesh settings did not help. I am attaching the Rhino file and the jpeg used.

Untitled.3dm (3.3 MB)