Bug? Toolbar moves upon re-launch

Whenever I relaunch Rhino on my secondary display at work, my extra toolbars (KeyShot and Peter’s Tools) move above my main toolbar:

Ideally, my toolbars would stay in place between sessions. Is this a bug?

This has to do with different monitors, we’re seeing this as well when people move between their home and office workplaces. I don’t think this can be helped.

Hmm I see, but shouldn’t it stay put when I’m closing and re-opening a file on the same monitor during the same work day?

I can understand toolbar movement when I get home due to display resolution change or something, but I tend to open a few files at once while at work and fixing my workspace each time gets old quickly.

Yes that should stay the same I guess.

We have approximately 140 installations of Rhino at our company’s main facility here in Canada. I would estimate about 5% behave like this. I believe this is one of the motivations for the concept of “containers” in the WIP.

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