BUG? This shape doesn't hatch in v7 BETA

This shape doesn’t hatch in v7 BETA but works fine in v6. The BETA says it is finding self-intersecting loops. I checked my absolute tolerance and it’s the same in both v6 and the BETA.

doesnt hatch in v7 beta.3dm (25.4 KB)

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For some unknown reason, Rhino reports the curve as “open”.
I Exploded and Joined it and now it’s “closed” and Hatch works fine.

Was this curve imported?

@John_Brock, nope, I started by tracing an image. Everything in this file was drawn with the _Curve or _Polyline command…nothing fancy. Some of the curves that make up this shape have been _Offset BothSides=Yes.

Could this be related to single vs double precision or something that causes V7 to recognize self-intersections where V6 couldn’t?

(Just spitballing here).