Hatch self intersecting loop

Hello, I am trying to fill the spaces between the sones of a masonry with a hatch and I get the following error: “Self intersecting loop was found. No hatches made.” All cirves are closed. Any help? I am using Rhino 7, I have tried all hatch settings and I get the same error.


try IntersectSelf on the curves


It works! Thank you very much!

Hello, Thank you for your previous answer, it worked for the moment, on a smaller size test. When I have tried it for all the drawing I ended up with the same error message, even if I have used INTERSECTSELF. So, I have found an unorthodox work-around. In Autocad it works, but on the conversion way back it messes things up.
So: … I saved the hatches from Autocad as dwg, opened in Illustrator and saved as SVG, and in the end I imported them in Rhino. Fortunatelly Rhino asks if you want to convert fills to hatches…
I’m new in Rhino, maybe it is not the most professional way to do it, but it works.
Hope that this will be useful to somebody. It drived me crazy.

Hello- please post the curves in a Rhino file.


Thank you.

Bridge.3dm (958.2 KB)
I want to get something like this:


Hi Radu - it looks like you have some coincident curves or parts of curves - you may just need to leave some out.


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Thank you. I will check them out. I hoped there is a faster solution, but it looks like I had to draw more accurately from the beginning. Good for experience. Thanks