Hatching Problem

Good morning friends,

I wonder if someone could please look at the attached file? It’s got two closed nurbs curves in layout space that I have been trying to hatch with a solid black hatch pattern. The curve that’s a simple rectangle, works, but the other doesn’t.
It will accept other patterns, but not the solid.
Any clues?
Thank you.

hatching problem.3dm (64.3 KB)

Hi Cosmas- solid hatching uses a mesh, that may have something to do with it- in any case, the curve has some very short segments and they seem to be the problem- try: Explode, SelShortCrv (defaults to .01 here, that’s fine) and delete these. Then join the rest and Hatch. The hatch is made on the original (use SelHatch) but it is invisible- we’ll take a look at this anyway and see what we can find.



Cool. Thank you.

Has this issue been resolved since this question was asked in 2014?
I am using Rhino 7 and the proposed solution is not optimal for me due to the large amounts and complexity of curves involved in hatching.


Hi Mahmoud -
The issue was addressed in RH-27584 - when a curve self-intersects and the segments that self-intersect are smaller than the document tolerance, you are warned about this on the command line and the command fails.

The best solution is to avoid messy geometry from being created.
That said, Rhino 7 has new tools to make it easier to find messy geometry. Use SelSelfIntersectingCrv to isolate messy curves and IntersectSelf to see where the self-intersection is located.