Hatching Problem

Good morning friends,

I wonder if someone could please look at the attached file? It’s got two closed nurbs curves in layout space that I have been trying to hatch with a solid black hatch pattern. The curve that’s a simple rectangle, works, but the other doesn’t.
It will accept other patterns, but not the solid.
Any clues?
Thank you.

hatching problem.3dm (64.3 KB)

Hi Cosmas- solid hatching uses a mesh, that may have something to do with it- in any case, the curve has some very short segments and they seem to be the problem- try: Explode, SelShortCrv (defaults to .01 here, that’s fine) and delete these. Then join the rest and Hatch. The hatch is made on the original (use SelHatch) but it is invisible- we’ll take a look at this anyway and see what we can find.



Cool. Thank you.