BUG:Solid wont Mesh

Rare for me to see the mesh command fail . Works on this solid in RH5. I know there’s some bad solid stuff here but I’m not really looking for help since I’ve used the RH5 mesher and moved on I just wanted to share.

Broken Solid.3dm (595.0 KB)

Hi Alexander - seems OK here -what mesh settings are you using? Do you see the object as shaded in your Rhino?

I see that if I ask Rhino to refine the mesh (not set in your file) it makes a bad object…


Yes I see it in shaded. Simple controls, slider right in the middl (although it crashed on others)

Yep, I’m getting the crash as well - we’ll look at it- thanks.

ExtractRenderMesh for now…

Looks like Explode then RebuildEdges (defaults) and Join allows meshing to work somewhat better, but I did get one crash if I unchecked Refine, so beware.


The mesh from RH5 is already printing and I’ll probably never think about again. I made this with a lot of haphazard boolean, solid editing, and surface editing and it’s riddled with weirdness from an issue with the cplane I was using. I only shared it if there’s a bug to find in the mesher. Thanks for the quick reply

This was reported as RH-37092 and is fixed in the latest WIP

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