Mesh2 not working after update

I’m not exactly sure when this started happening, but the Mesh2 command is no longer consistently creating meshes for me. The preview function works properly, but when I click on “Ok” the mesh does not actually create.

Interestingly, if I turn on the Quadrangulate option then the mesh actually creates when clicking Ok. That has been my work around for the past few days.

Can you send a specific file that doesn’t work?

The only shape that consistently works properly for me are cubic shapes. Anything else I’ve tried (my various projects, a simple sphere, tetrahedron, pyramid) all fail to create meshes with Mesh2.


Mesh2 will not ship with v7.

Has Mesh2 been discontinued? I’m looking at the latest WIP version (7.0.20259.15365) and it’s gone.
I found it to be one of the best new features. Has it been absorbed into something else or renamed?

Hi -

That is correct, yes. The plan is to continue the development in the Rhino 8 WIP cycle.

Good to know, thank you.