BUG: SelBrush selecting some random mesh faces outside of viewport


SelBrush in addition to correct selection is selecting some mesh faces outside of the viewport.
Just when I started to use some more clever selection methods, to save my time and sanity, this happened to me:

zlew.3dm (2.5 MB)

I was cleaning this hole 3 times before I realized that there must be something wrong.

It went unnoticed but I think it is important feature which looks broken. Can I get some confirmation if it’s a bug and we can throw it into the youtrack?

Thanks, checking now…
I see in that with RealTimeSelction = Yes, it does not behave as I expect but I do not get extra selections either. I’ll poke at this some more. Do you get the extras if RealTimeSelection=No?


You got to look closer Pascal :wink:

If you really zoom in, then it happens.

It also happens with RealTimeSelection = No

Yep, I see it now, thanks - changing to a parallel projection should help for now when zoomed in.

RH-63430 SelBrush, SubObjects and Perspective