Selection by paintbrush broken

Can someone tell me if the paintbrush selection tool is broken?

I can select, but can’t use CTRL to de-select.

Is this fixed in any service release?

Also, is there a way to get the paintbrush to pick only points or mesh triangles that are on the near side of the model (= nothing past the 1st layer of mesh entities)?

Thanx … Chris

Hi Chris - I don’t think it is broken, it just does not do that (pay attention to Ctrl). Maybe there is no difference… I will see if that is possible.



Thanx for the info Pascal.
I didn’t understand what they were saying.

I want the SelBrush + CTRL to de-select stuff, like CTRL normally works.
That’s how all the other programs I use work.

Also, I need the SelBrush to have a setting that selects only the points facing the user, not back-plane points or mid-plane points. Maybe I missed a setting in that command that does that?

Please advise … Chris

Hi Chris - SelBrush does work to deselect in V6/WIP. CullConrolPolygon will help for front facing points, though that is not a full solution.


Thanx Pascal.

But I’m using V5, not V6.

Any chance the developers can fix this for V5 and put out a SR for it?

No chance of that happening, no.

What about developing V6 to be more scanner-processing friendly:
= converting point-clouds and meshes to surfaces and solids?

The work-flows for that kind of work are nonexistent in Rhino.
Rhino has a LOT of promise in that area.

Plus, the corporate cartel whoredom needs competition to humble them, besides forcing them to lower their extortive prices. Have you seen how HUGE Hexagon Metrology is these days? They’re totally out of control, and their pricing is absolutely evil. Have you seen their user “licensing” policies? These arrogant bastards need humbling, and Rhino + Grasshopper are in the position to do it.

Just saying …