[BUG] Rhino doesn't hide/minimise with Grasshopper open!


There’s a super annoying bug in the latest release of Rhino 6 for Mac (6.19.19266.14182, 2019-09-23), where Rhino can’t be hidden or minimised to the dock, when Grasshopper has been launched!!!
To be clear, Rhino works fine. The bug only happens when Grasshopper has been started.

It doesn’t matter if the GH window is closed, minimised or visibly open! If I manage to minimise or hide Rhino at all, it immediately pops back up with a blank GH window that only reloads when you click on it.

Most of the time, trying to hide it simply pushes Rhino to the background of the desktop, for instance behind Chrome. Oftentimes, the GH window gets placed even behind Rhino.

Super annoying!! Please fix this soon, @dan and @curtisw. Is there any way to roll back to a previous version?

Hey @p1r4t3b0y,

Thanks for reporting the issue! I’m seeing this too, and have logged it here: RH-54915.

You can rollback to the latest release of 6.18 with this link, which should get you back to previous behaviour.


This issue should be fixed in recent Release Candidates.

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