Minimizing Rhino window without affecting Grasshopper

Most of the time I only use Grasshopper.
Rhino is like a plugin to GH to me. Now I have an in-canvas viewport plug-in, the chance to open Rhino is limited to the initialization of the Rhino 3D software.

So I like to hide the Rhino window in the background.
The problem is if I minimize it, the Grasshopper window will get affected, and be minimized too. I like them to stay independent so that on the screen you can only see the GH and Rhino hiding in somewhere background.

Hope anybody has a solution.

I am not sure which category should I put this post. Maybe I can find a solution in the GH community.

Hi Quan Li,

I don’t think you will do better than shrinking the Rhino window to three lines of menu:

You can’t put Rhino and Grasshopper on separate Task View pages. You could maybe add an old small monitor to your system and drag Rhino onto that. Or buy a really widescreen monitor and drag Rhino off to the side out of your eyeline!


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Thank you for conforming to this for me!

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