Bug: Rhino 8 sub-selection missing Selection Menu?

Hi, in Rhino 8 for Mac sub-selection click has no Selection Menu. For example, I can’t sub-select the left edge of rectangle B:

I’m pretty sure I was able to do this in Rhino 6 for Mac. Now Rhino 8 just picks the right edge of rectangle A and I cannot choose.

R8-sub-select-no-selection-menu.3dm (48.3 KB)

This does appear to be working in Windows Rhino in the latest build of V8 I have here.

Thank you for the file and the clear explanation! I was able to reproduce this here:

RH-79168 Select: Sub-Object select not showing Selection Menu

Thanks for reporting this.

Workaround fix for this is to turn off:
Settings › Advanced › MouseOverHighlightSubObjects

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