Sub-Object select between close objects

If I want to select a segment of a polyline that also lies on the edge of a poly surface, there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose which object I want to select like there is with general selection. It seems to default to the edge of the poly surface. Am I missing something?

I don’t think so - this is indeed problematic.

Hello- there is a basic conflict between sub-object mouse-over highlight and the selection menu. If you turn off the mouse over in Options > Advanced:


it should offer the menu on clicking.


Is that something that is going to be fixed, or is that just “how it is”?

Yes, exactly… ! I guess there would need to be some new mechanism to force a menu like RMB-click maybe - I am not sure it is even on the pile, I’ll look for it.

@Helvetosaur @TheCyclist - turns out there already is a mechanism for that - Alt-click to force a menu - though for top level only as far as I can see - I’ll see if we can exapand that.