Disable Sub-Object selection preview in Rhino 8?

Somehow each new release of Rhino comes with a new annoying feature that I need to disable by default. :laughing:

Previously it was the control points on curves, now it is the sub-object selection preview.

Hello- here:



Thank you Pascal.

I see it’s use now that I have disabled it as opposed to seeing this dreadful menu.

I have really come to hate that selection menu.

It is a step in the right direction, I might get used to it in time, I just feels weird having stuff turn on when I am not even clicking yet and then needing an extra click to confirm.

Maybe it was more discrete without all those arrows flying around the edges it would not be so annoying.

I noticed Cinema does the same thing but a slight highlight alone

The subobject selection visual preview is just about my favorite part of Rhino 8!