Bug: Rhino 7: exported mesh complete unwelded always


if I export a welded mesh, for example a mesh cube, as OBJ and set welding “unmodified”, than the result is a OBJ with a complete unwelded mesh. My workaround: per Rhono 6 it works.


Hi Micha - if I do that here, a round-trip from and to Rhino seems to do it right - are you checking the obj in Rhino or in some other program?


Hi Pascal,

right, I use my good old Unfold3D. I did some more test and I found: R6 was working because exporte “welded” was enabled. If I set “unmodified” than Unfold3D shows me the same complete unwelded model.

So, I learned - my old Unfold3D has a problem to read the Rhino OBJ, but using “welded” instead “unmodified” helps. I thought “welded” would cause that all mesh parts will be welded to one object, but it isn’t so. “Welded” doe’s what I need.

Rhino round-trip works fine, so anything is right at the Rhino side. Thank you very much for taking the time and point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:


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