FBX - all objects unwelded?


if I import FBX data, than the objects are unwelded. I tried to enable and disable unwelding. Is it a bug? Or wouldn’t it help to get an option for welding?


Are you sure you didn’t have Flat Shading checked?


No, because _weld helps.

Can you share the bottle fbx? I couldn’t reproduce with the sphere model.

Attached one of the files from my client.

fbx.rar (5.1 MB)

It looks like the model isn’t exported properly. When I bring it into blender the bottles are also faceted.


I suppose an automatic weld on mesh objects could be useful. I imagine that until such an option exists you could create a macro that does the import and weld automatically.

any solution for this

I think you might want to explicitly state the problem and provide a file that shows the issue.

i have the same issue with every fbx file that i export and import for example blender or c4d