Bug Report - Wenatchee 5 Build 2014-01-28

Firstly, I love the single window modeling! However, there seem to be some problems with the tool input mode (I’m not sure exactly what it’s called) getting into a state where it can not be canceled to go back to the main palette.

For instance, I want to draw a circle with center point and diameter. Select the circle tool and the tool input panel appears on the left side of the screen - replacing the tool button panel.

Now, I set the center point by typing “0,0” into the text field. Then, when I type “45” into the diameter field and hit return, nothing happens, the circle is not drawn AND I can not get out of this mode. Cancel does nothing and nothing happens if I enter a diameter. Clicking away and back to the Rhino window does not free it up, I have to quit and relaunch Rhino.

The Move tool is even more problematic.

Select Move tool - the tool input panel appears.
Select the object to move
Select the starting point on the geometry
attempt a relative move: “r0,0,40” and I get an error dialog that says this is not implemented.

Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I am also left in the mode and can not cancel to get back to the tool panel.

Also just experienced this fault, unable to return to tool pallet from rectangle command. Cancel does not return to main tool pallet and this has also locked both windows I am running with the same fault.

Close and restart session cleared pallet fault. I am as yet unable to duplicate the fault.

I’ve made different attempts to duplicate both of these problems and have not been able to do so.

There is likely something different that you are doing that you don’t think is important, but all little details here matter. For example, tell me every mouse click and every mouse movement that you do. When typing the center point, do you click in the Value field first to set the keyboard focus? You don’t need to, and I don’t do this in my testing. Just type. The Value field will be drawn with the blue outline indicating keyboard focus as soon as you type the first zero in 0,0.

Same with typing 45 for the diameter. No need to click, and no need to erase the previous diameter. Just type, and it will overwrite the previous value in the Value field.

Are there any other Rhino windows or panels open? Is another model open? Is the floating Layers panel open? Anything that might be wanting keyboard input besides the window where you are currently working might be a factor in the problem.

I can not reproducibly get this to happen and in fact, now that I cleared things as per the other bug report using terminal, I have not experienced this again. But I will be diligent in my observation and if I see it again, will report back.

Ok, think I have a reproducible case…

Launch Rhino and create new file.
In top view draw a 10mm diameter circle at about 10,0,0
Select the circle
Select the Polar Array Tool
Enter 0,0,0 as center of circular array
Enter 8 for number of items and press return
Check Step Angle
Enter 45 degrees for the value
Press return
Now click the Done button

You will now be in the state I described - the panel did not close and you can’t cancel or do anything to close it. Only closing the window corrects it. You can save the file before closing.

yeah, i see that now… i think it’s clicking on the ‘Done’ button which is actually causing it…

for instance, run the Curve command, set a few points then click the Done button instead of the more standard right-click/spacebar/or return for finishing the command.

you can fight your way out of the frozen state a little more often after doing the _Curve example than the arrayPolar example but i don’t see any surefire way to get out of it every time.

(talking about ‘Done’ in the sidebar command line… it appears to work fine in the transparent command dialog)

That makes sense. I normally hit return ket but for some reason started using the done button in the single window interface!

So far, I have not succesfully recovered from this state and I get into this state on Moves, polar arrays, and a few other commands.

Fixed and I verified in 501. Thanks!