Bug Report - Wenatchee 5 Build 2014-01-29

I have installed the new update to see if it solves the 2 problems I reported yesterday. So far, I’ve not had any file load hangs and the version seems to be crisper on loads.

As for the reproducible case I reported last night that causes the tool panel to freeze still exists. Perhaps I am not understanding the “done” button on this panel. Is Done supposed to do the same thing as pressing return at the end of the operation?

I’ve found a simpler reproducible example:

launch Rhino and create a new file.
elect the circle draw tool (center, diameter)
click to enter the circle
enter a diameter in the text field (I used 5)
click the done button

You are now in a state where the panel is inoperative and can’t be dismissed. If you press return rather than click done in the last step, everything is fine.

it’s a bug. ‘done’ usually works like return. just don’t push it for now :wink:

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Understood, since I usually use the return key that’s easy. Hopefully, the test case can help isolate the problem.


Yes, the Done button is still broken in 2014-01-29. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Great, thanks marlin and thanks for the quick update to fix the load hang problem! I’ve had no load problems.

I just want to say also, I really love the single window interface, well done.

@Michael_Hackney I want to thank you for the great reproducible, step-by-step detailed bug reports. It lets me find the problem right away rather than several rounds of posts of vague “XX doesn’t work” reports.

And @jeff_hammond, thanks for jumping in a lot and either finding problems or directing others to solutions in the forum. It helps a lot.

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I know how important reproducibility is. I think it’s fantastic that McNeel is making such a big investment in Rhino OSX. I would buy the beta now if you’d take my money!

Here are some of the things I’ve done with Rhino OSX. The 3D Printed reel is, we believe, the first fully functional, fully printed reel.