Multiline Text V6-->V5 = disaster

Open the “V6” file below in the Beta, select one of the text blocks, have a glance in Properties>Text. Looks normal.

Now, SaveAs V5 (already did that for you just in case). Open the file in V5… On-screen, it looks OK… Now look in Properties>Text - you get this:


Now try opening the V5 file in V6… you get this:


(helps if I post the files…)
TheQuickBrownFoxV6.3dm (383.1 KB)
TheQuickBrownFoxV5.3dm (303.7 KB)




This issue has not been resolved in the current Beta (06.12.17) - I don’t see a youtrack item for it either…
@John_Brock ?

Lowell has been out for a while.

Lowell is looking at it.
We think we know what is going on.

I just tested the fix for V6.
Hard line feeds in V6 multiline text were being removed and line wrapping turned on when saved as a V5 file.
Now hard line feeds are saved in the V5 file so it will round-trip.

RH-42957 is fixed in the latest BETA